Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wilderness Festival 2012 Aug 10– Aug 12, 2012

Wilderness Festival 2012
Aug 10– Aug 12, 2012
Oxfordshire, England (Cornbury Park)

Wilderness Festival is a pioneering new festival of music, food, learning, literature and rejuvenation. Set amongst the lakes, forests, and parkland of Oxfordshire’s exquisite Cornbury Estate, Wilderness is an inspirational weekend for all the ages.

Quoted from the official site:

Welcome to the Wilderness…
"We first walked into Cornbury nearly seven years ago. It had that sense of pastoral grandeur that you rarely experience; scale and intimacy in the most dramatic fashion. As a setting for celebration it remains peerless.
This year, we follow up with another stunning swathe of artistic experiences intertwined within this unique landscape – banquets under canopies, tented talks, midnight masked balls, barefoot dancing, parkland processions and ritualistic revelry. Every one of them, time-honoured traditions that have created friendships and community for millenia 
Wilderness will always be defined by its passions: award winning curators, pioneering arts and breathtaking landscapes. For three days and three nights this summer, come and find yourself in the Wilderness..."
Tim Harvey, Jim Whewell & Joanne Vidler


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