Friday, July 27, 2012

The RudyMental Studio Tapes: C'Rage (Ocean & a Continent)

C'Rage (Ocean & a Continent)
Recorded @ the RudyMental Studio in Turin

C'Rage (Ocean & a Continent) is an instrumental tune I composed thinking of huge distances or great challenges, the most difficult to overcome. For this reason I thought of vast oceans and continents, which are still a metaphor of the obstacles that each of us faces every day in real life.


The song is to be played through a fingerstyle technique in open D tuning - DADF#AD - and was recorded using primitive tools - my guitar, among them - at the RudyMental Studio [ © ] vaguely located in my mind or, say, in Turin, Piedmont Italy.

Thanks for listening,
Hugo Beaumont

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