Monday, December 10, 2012

Day Zero 2012

Day Zero 2012
Dec 20– Dec 21, 2012
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

On 20-21 December 2012 Crosstown Rebels will proudly present a selection of the finest electronic artists on earth, assembling for Day Zero. Located in sun-soaked Playa del Carmen, Mexico, the event will celebrate the momentous end of this world cycle, as decreed by the ancient Mayan civilization.
24 solid hours of pulsating electronic music and entertainment, including specially prepared sets from some of the world's finest DJs as they embrace a new moment in time.

Damian Lazarus - Sound of the Mayan Spirit - for download
To commemorate this enigmatic event Damian Lazarus asked thirteen artists to create a new track for a special Day Zero compilation. His peers and comrades stepped up to the challenge with Rebel’s artist past, present and future contributing to this momentous collection compiled by Damian Lazarus.
Featured on FACT Magazine – Click here

Day Zero will be attended by performers highlighting the art and culture of the Mayan people. The spirit of the Mayans will represented through dance-performances and Shamanic rituals. Throughout the event there will be discussion, yoga, relaxation and spiritual awareness classes.

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